Amigo – the future of power system control

Advanced Microgrid Optimization

Intellectual information management system for energy management of distributed energy resources

The introduction of AMIGO allows continuous equipment state management and reduce energy cost. In addition, the system provides following opportunities:

  • power management in manual mode;

  • integration in energy market both as a private aggregator and as an individual player;

  • generating subsidiary earnings from system services and increasing profits from power sales;

The main tasks that AMIGO successfully accomplishes are energy production cost optimization, system balance improvement and awareness expansion. System developers offer a number of progressive solutions aimed at meeting the needs of potential consumers and allowing to significantly expand the boundaries of use. Thanks to them, AMIGO becomes the optimal tool for both local consumers and system integrators and power sales companies.

Amigo Compact EMS


  • industrial enterprises;
  • commercial real estate;
  • islanded mini-grids;

  • Solutions:


    AMIGO I manages power supply in the battery manufacturing plant


  • Forecasting load profile and power prices;
  • Controlling charger sections (70% of total consumption), 200 kWh energy storage system, rooftop PV

  • Proactive control:

  • Peak Shaving using energy storage system;
  • Load shifting using flexible loads;
  • Demand Response;

  • Outcome:

  • Decreased unit production cost;
  • Secured power supply: compensating voltage sags and swells, decreased outages;
  • Automatic fault analysis and multi-user alarm;


    AMIGO B (Building) manages S&T RTSoft office building


  • Forecasting load profile and power prices resulting in proactive control;
  • Controlling appliance load, roof ice-melting equipment, 60 kWh energy storage system;
  • Load shifting and peak shaving adjusted to utility contract;
  • Autopilot operation mode;

  • Outcome:

  • Energy bill reduction with advanced load Time of Use adjusted to utility contract;
  • Secured power supply: compensating voltage sags and swells, decreased outages;
  • Automatic fault analysis and multi-user alarm;


    AMIGO M ISL (Mono Island) manages off-grid system in the remote settlement


  • Integrating multi-vendor equipment and their synchronous operation;
  • Forecasting load profile resulting in proactive control of renewables output;
  • Controlling of PV 60kW, 2* 40kW diesel gensets, 144 kWh energy storage system
  • Secondary regulation of frequency and voltage
  • Optimization with regards of operational limits: motor hours, diesel fuel, storage charge/discharge cycle costs

  • Outcome:

  • Decreased downtime and increased power supply reliability
  • Reduced energy cost for consumers by diesel and motor hour savings
  • Webmonitoring, automatic fault analysis and multi-user alarm
  • Benefits

    For investors:

    • Wide range of additional services (services, support, etc.);

    • Increase in profits;

    • Increased project efficiency;

    For operators:

    • Monitoring and Forecasting;

    • Autopilot and automated operation modes;

    • Configurable multi-level access;

    For engineers:

    • Compatibility with power units of any manufacturers;

    • Effective implementation and design costs reduction;

    • Operational costs reduction;

    For users:

    • Optimization with regards to operational limits (moto hours, fuel reserve, storage capacity etc.);

    • Secure connection worldwide;

    • Flexible template creation and reporting;

    Microgrid services

    Each Microgrid project is unique and requires thorough planning to achieve economic efficiency. Distributed energy resources deployment, as well as participation in demand response and ancillary services, pose many challenges to Microgrid control and protection systems – and we at RTSoft can help you overcome them. Our sophisticated modeling and simulation services are based on world-class software tools:

    • Feasibility studies and cost-benefit analysis based on a library of DER, historical or typical load profiles, and network equipment;

    • Microgrid architecture design and optimization;

    • System implementation and debugging;

    • All-day hotline technical support and consulting;

    Operational structure

    AMIGO Cloud Services is an RTSoft Cloud service, allows to collect and transmit AMIGO data: weather forecasts, energy prices, fuel prices and other data.

    AMIGO (on premise or cloud) provides autopilot or navigator functioning of the following algorithms: deviation management, load shifting, peak shaving, demand response

    SCADA provides the necessary humanmachine interface for loads and power generation management and telecontrol commands

    Web UI is a simple web-interface for efficiency monitoring. Allows to access AMIGO in any location from desktop, tablet or smartphone

    EMS functions provide renewables distribution and load forecasting, optimization of equipment operation

    Control System provides setpoints calculation and delivering to the equipment

    AMIGO Edge provides interfaces for load and power generation data collection, interaction of system agents: power generators controllers, consumers' 1– n meters, etc. AMIGO Edge supports multiple protocols. Ensures data transfer from the field equipment to AMIGO Compact EMS for the purpose of the smart solutions.