Smart Grid Center offers solutions, products and services for final customers and partners in a wide area of digitalization of power industry subjects and consumers.

The development and implementation activities of Smart Grid Center are focused on new tasks:

  • modeling and implementation of digital twins;

  • risk-oriented assets management;

  • forecasting and optimization algorithms;

For final customers we offer complete turn-key technical solutions, combined into main groups: relay lifecycle management, electrical equipment and power systems transients monitoring, microgrid and distributed energy management.


The active emergence of new solutions in power industry and the concomitant development of new information technologies are leading to global changes in the existing technological setup. The emerging flexibility of choice - consumption, storage, electrical power generation, participation in the provision of ancillary services for a significantly larger number of market entities, including individual consumers, creates ample opportunities for development and formation of existing and new markets.

The advanced solutions of one of the youngest company units of Smart Grid Center, meet the needs of a new generation of power development: the mass adoption of distributed power generation, energy and heat storage technologies, active distribution networks, new concepts of equipment operating and power system control, new control methods.


Amigo – the future of power system control

Protection Suite PC 

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Smart Grid Center solutions include:

  • relay lifecycle management solutions - provide a comprehensive set of integrated software modules automating Relay Protection Department activities, from automated selection of relay protection settings, protection settings calculation and lifecycle documentation hub and system management to fault analysis and relay protection and automation monitoring. The developments can be used on TSO/DSO and ISO enterprises and also by power generation companies (including station supply and DC) and industry utilities;

  • electrical equipment and power systems transients monitoring solutions - reveal new possibilities of using synchronized (vector and instant) measurements for on-line monitoring of electrical equipment technical condition and predictive analytics, including the transition to Risk-based maintenance. Solutions are designed for system operators, TSO/DSO, as well as transport, oil and gas, mining and other companies with a significant fleet of electrical equipment;

  • Microgrid and distributed energy management solutions – provide coordinated management of distributed energy resources (small and medium generation, power storage, controlled load, reactive power sources, etc.) in the conditions of autonomous, loosely coupled and parallel work with power systems. The inventions provide the ability to manage energy resources of both one and many different owners (virtual power plants, storage devices, interaction of networks with electric transport, etc.). These solutions may be objects of interest to infrastructure and industrial companies, commercial and residential consumers, and grid and energy retail companies;


Smart Grid Center has core competencies and offers a wide range of services that ensure reliability, high performance and safe operation of power system, taking into account the individual needs of our customers and partners.

Electric calculations for any end-user applications

Creating digital models and a digital twin for the power plant/industrial facility/electric grid

Complex reliability analysis of industrial facility

Technical consulting and expert analysis, development of concepts and technical requirements

Software implementation, localisation, and technical support

Smart Grid Center Overview

The field of the activities of Smart Grid Center includes the development of software products and the introduction of intelligent control systems for power industry and power supply systems for consumers.

Who are our customers?

  • Enterprises of power industry - operators of power systems, TSO, power generation and utility companies.

  • Industrial enterprises of various industries.

  • Infrastructure companies and organizations.

  • Housing and utilities infrastructure enterprises, managing buildings and constructions of cities.

  • Enterprises of agroindustrial complex.

The developments and implementations of Smart Grid Center are focused on new challenges:

  • modeling and implementation of digital twins;

  • risk-oriented assets management;

  • forecasting and optimization algorithms;

For final customers we offer complete turn-key technical solutions, combined into main groups:

  • relay lifecycle management;

  • electrical equipment and power systems transients monitoring;

  • Microgrid and distributed energy management;

Our team

Personnel of Smart Grid Center are actively involved in activities of organizations and institutions that form the direction for the development of power industry digitalization. Among them are:

  1. Laboratory of Interactive Energy - "RTSoft - Smart Grid" LLC, R & D business unit of RTSoft, developing innovative solutions in the cluster of energy efficient technologies in partnership with Development Fund of Skolkovo, Center for Development and Commercialization of innovative technologies;
  2. CIGRE - the global community of experts on power systems. Study Committee D2 «Information Systems and Telecommunication» of Russian National Committee (RNC) of CIGRE was created on the basis of RTSoft;

  3. Competence Center of National Technological Initiative of Russian Federation EnergyNet in the field of intelligent distributed energy;

  4. Research and Development Board of Rosseti.