RTSoft traditionally adheres to open international standards and technologies in the field of computer automation. Therefore, the company always has a wide spectrum of the applications from the leading hardware and software suppliers. The company gives high priority to finding the most adequate solution for a customer's task.

RTSoft project activities meet invariable support by its partners and customers. The long-term partner relationships with the suppliers allowed to work out a reliable logistics system optimizing time and finance expenses.

The special place in relations of RTSoft with the foreign suppliers borrows a strategic partnership with the international holdings, such as Kontron AG, S&T and Sprecher Automation GmbH. Old-established partner relations tie RTSoft with company Schneider Electric, Сitect, Wonderware and many others.

RTSoft is a partner of Russian and foreign associations, such as PLCOpen, OPC, PICMG (PCI Industrial Computers Manufacturers Group), VITA (VMEbus International Trade Association), CIGRE (International Council on Large Electric Systems), the Experts Commission of Russian National IEC Committee.