Company history

Supplying of real-time operating systems including engineering support. In partnership with PEP Modular Computers.

Starting the sales of hardware and software complexes and basic tools for system integrators and OEMs.

Starting the project business, “turn-key” development of hardware and software complexes and PCSs (Process Control Systems).

Opening of the RTSoft Training Center, which is now a leading educational institution in Russia for modern hardware and software technologies.

Proactive promotion of innovative high-tech products.

Establishment of our own production division and engineering centers to develop project businesses in various industries and power engineering.

Active promotion of MES (Manufacturing Execution Systems) to the Russian market. Custom-made software development for embedded computer systems and the development of an advanced stage of real-time systems.

Quality Management System (QMS). RTSoft has been certified to the ISO 9001:2000 QMS international standard.

2004 – 2009
Rapid growth of RTSoft solutions presence in the automation market for Power engineering. Opening of new branches. 

2009 – 2015
Rapid growth of RTSoft solutions presence in different markets. Conclusion of strategic agreements with partners and customers. 

2016 – 2017
Active promotion of innovative directions and technologies of the future: management of Microgrid, "Internet of things", cybersecurity and energy management. Development of projects outside the Russian Federation, development of complex automation systems.

2018 – 2019
Creation of the RTSoft group of companies. Development and application of innovative technologies in projects: Microgrid management, Internet of things, cybersecurity and energy management. Partnership with the Skolkovo Foundation and the opening of the R&D division of RTSoft - Smart Grid LLC (until July 2019 - IntELab LLC). Launch of an interactive laboratory of new technologies "i-Labyrinth".

Opening of representative offices of RTSoft Group in Kaliningrad and Vietnam. Development of the "Distribution" direction and active promotion of partner products on the Russian market. Successful implementation of a number of projects in the field of energy consulting and improving the reliability of power supply. JSC "RTSoft" entered the Top-1000 successful suppliers.