The OMGE people tracking video analytics software is a solution to optimise your business

RTSoft has developed OMGE video analytics software system to use in a broad range of industries such as transport, shopping centres, performance tracking at remote facilities.

RTSoft's centre for software development has built the OMGE system (Open Modular Graph Engine) for video analytics of movements of people.

OMGE is capable of counting the number of people indoors or outdoors, analyse their movements and traffic capacity of a specific area, recognition for access control and monitoring. Data is sourced from CCTV systems installed on the customer's premises. The system can be easily scaled by installing extra cameras. 

The system can be used to build systems for analytical calculations based on object recognition using computer vision, automatic image analysis and neural recognition algorithms.

The system's analytics allow generating the following types of reports: count of people in a specific area and assessment of the total foot traffic on a property, number of people in a queue or in specific areas of interest, number of people entering/exiting a property (including facial recognition), assessment of foot traffic on a property, identification of most popular areas with visitors/pedestrians (including heat maps), a report on the paths of people moving around the premises.

OMGE can be supplemented by reports based on sound and text processing algorithms as well as forecasting algorithms. It is noteworthy that the accuracy of reports is continuously improving through the use of automatic machine learning.

Depending on the reports required and data channel limitations, the customer may choose to run video analytics either on a cloud or a local server. Reports are produced using the OMGE web interface. All system maintenance, including deployment, configuration and update is performed remotely.

Who can benefit from OMGE? The solution can be used in a broad range of fields. First of all, it can be used to count passengers on public transport and at transport infrastructure facilities. It can also be used by transport companies that share turnstile-free hubs to settle with each other.

Another industry that needs continuous monitoring is retail: mega malls and large warehousing facilities, supermarkets and exhibitions. OMGE can be used to analyse the foot traffic capacity of retail outlets, adjust rents, improve product presentation, optimise cash register services. The system can help boost sales by analysing data about specific areas or points of maximum interest.

Service companies, such as restaurants and hotels, also need to analyse data to improve the quality of their customer service. The effect is achieved by identifying staff and visitors, including regular customers, calculating waiting times and even identifying emotions.

Special attention should be paid to the use of OMGE software by industrial companies. In production, data can be collected about both employees and products, monitoring all areas and premises of the company to optimise the business processes.

It should be noted that RTSoft's solution is very relevant in lockdown conditions imposed to contain the pandemic. OMGE allows companies to monitor people in the office or on the street and improve safety. It can also be used to analyse the performance of remote offices.

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