RTSoft presented an education and training laboratory complex "i-LABIRINT"

Presentation of education and training laboratory complex "i-LABIRINT" took place at the RTSoft Engineering House in Moscow on February 1, 2019. Among the special guests and partners, attended the event, were the representatives of Bauman Moscow State Technical University, National Research University “Higher School of Economics”, Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology, PJSC “Federal Grid Company of Unified Energy System”, Youth Section of the Russian National Committee of CIGRE, Federal State Budgetary Organization “Russian Energy Agency” of the Energy Ministry of the Russian Federation, Russian Research Institute of Standardization and Certification in mechanical engineering.

Initially the interactive laboratory of innovative solutions “i-LABIRINT” was intended for demonstration of latest concepts of Internet of things, including Big data technologies, Machine learning and Artificial intelligence. The laboratory was a kind of the modern situational and analytical center with advanced access to cloud applications and services. 

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Today, the borders of “i-LABIRINT” have significantly expanded - the Laboratory of Renewable Energy (RES) has become its part, which made it possible to connect situational and analytical center with data source and visible environment. The RES laboratory is fully equipped with training stands produced by Christiani GmbH, the leader in technical education and training systems (RTSoft is the exclusive distributor of Christiani GmbH products in the Russian Federation). As a result, “i-LABIRINT” education and training laboratory complex has become a unified multifunctional laboratory with a demo zone and an experimental area for performing a full prototyping cycle.

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RTSoft guests and partners, the majority of whom represented leading engineering universities of the country, were shown the wide opportunities of “i-LABIRINT” for educational processes. The scope of tasks, available for performance in “i-LABIRINT”, includes creation and improvement of practical and methodological base for training, retraining and professional advancement of specialists from the most promising and sought-after professions in the field of distributed energy, renewable energy sources and IT.

Innovative educational approaches, used in “i-LABIRINT” teaching programs and methods, include the stages of modelling, designing, implementing and maintaining the future energy systems using the latest IT components: Cloud computing, Big data, industrial Internet of things, Augmented and Virtual reality, Artificial intelligence, Blockchain.

Meanwhile, “i-LABIRINT” accommodates different learning styles for the most effective perception of information: lectures, seminars, practical exercises, laboratory work, workshops, as well as such activities as intellectual battle, brainstorming, critical design review and hackathon.

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An important advantage of “i-LABIRINT” is its modularity - the laboratory can be easily deployed on the customer’s site within the existing resource capabilities. Moreover, RTSoft offers not only  ready-made training courses and programs, we can also provide our customers with tailor made programs adapted for target tasks and supply of requested equipment and software.

It is worth mentioning that RTSoft has already all the resources and strong background for offering up-to-date methods of training specialists in the field of future power systems to the market. The company has its own licensed training center as well as a team of high-level professionals. National Technology Initiative Competence Center of the Russian Federation EnergyNet was established on the basis of “i-LABIRINT”. RTSoft is a leading science and technology partner of Russian National Committee of CIGRE and a partner of Skolkovo Center for Development and Commercialization of New Technologies.

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The presentation of “i-LABIRINT” ended up with a round table “Prospects for the development and possible areas for cooperation”, which has turned out to become an outstanding opportunity to hear the opinions of professionals and get their valuable comments concerning the dissemination of training programs for leading universities and technical colleges.