RTSoft became a partner of the UrFU Project "Robotics in Power Industry ". The partner lecture highlights the application of cyber-physical robotic systems and technical condition based on real power facility in Russia.

Within the framework of cooperation with the Ural Federal University (UrFU), RTSoft took part in the internship Project in the field of "Robotics in Power Industry ". Undergraduate and graduate students studying in the fields of computer science, energy and electronics take part in this Project. The program is devoted to the development and analysis of the use of cyber-physical robotic systems for diagnosing the technical condition of high-voltage electrical equipment of substations and the analysing of possible flight missions based on machine learning algorithms.

Konstantin Nikishin, Ph.D., Business Development Director, gave a partner lecture on the history and current state of the group of companies, as well as on the application of modern technologies at real power facilities. In particular, the lecture includes an example of a project currently being implemented by RTSoft for the control of power equipment and the use of computer vision methods.

As a result of the Project, students will gain new knowledge and practical experience in the field of advanced technologies in power energy and software engineering, as well as experience in the field of multi-project work disciplinary. The internship will provide an opportunity to solve real-life challenges that high-technological energy and fuel companies are currently facing.

For more information on the Project «Robotics in Power Industry » You can find on the website of the RTSoft partner - UrFU. Lectures are in English.