RTSoft at Embedded World-2020

RTSoft Group of companies participated again, the 5th time since 2016, in Embedded World Exhibition and Conference, which took place in Nuremberg on February 24th-26th 2020. The annual exhibition puts together world leaders of embedded hardware and software, creating a unique platform for international exchange.

Despite of situation with Corona, the decision was made to join the event, adhering all the regulations of EU and Russia.

RTSoft GmbH presented its solution and services and new technology innovation achievements of last year.

  • Embedded services for silicon and board-level vendors, like Board Support Packages development and Maintenance for Linux, Windows and Real-Time operating systems as well as exclusive services for embedded applications, IO interfaces and kernel performance tuning and emergency help for non-trivial time-critical issues on bound of hardware and firmware. This root and traditional experience of highly-experienced RTSoft Emedded team was presented with devices-samples from world vendors with embedded software developed by RTSoft.
  • RTSoft announced and demonstrated the new version of its IoT platform and integration services based on it. The new RTSoft platform provides hybrid-cloud IoT solutions with on-premise and/or Azure, AWS deployment to a number of industries like power energy, manufacturing, automotive and retail. The time and cost efficiency is achieved by integration of optimized device and cloud level software built on well-tested open-source components.
  • RTSoft ML+IoT platform and integration services based on it. This new platform expands “on the Edge” functionality, provides the unique flexibility for optimal and dynamic algorithms distribution among nodes through the entire IoT system, depending on nodes availability, computational power, RTSoft presented several solutions based on this platform: for Transportation (people counting), for Café (people emotions identification, waiting time calculation and regular client detection), and for Market (the most popular zones identification and customers gazes heat-map analytics)

RTSoft’s booth was one of attractive points at the Hall 4 of the EW2020, due to its unique new innovative contribution into the most popular modern technologies. RTSoft team confirmed again we are among World innovative leaders, who are not just follow, but creates trends, and our customers are reliably supported with the level of our services and technologies.

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