RTSoft and Subcommittee D2 RNC CIGRE experts at the 47th session of CIGRE

The 47th session of CIGRE was held at The Palais des congrès de Paris from 26 to 31 August 2018. RTSoft, the representative of Subcommittee D2 Russian National Committee (RNC) of CIGRE, its base institution, science and technology partner of RNC CIGRE, was actively involved in it.

CIGRE session, held every two years, is known to be the leading industry event for exchange of technical knowledge and information between power engineers of all countries. This year it attracted more than 8,500 participants worldwide. The largest international technical exhibition, where the latest technologies, products and solutions for the power industry are demonstrated, is carried out within the framework of CIGRE session. RTSoft participated in the session program as well as in the technical exhibition, presenting its solutions at its personal booth and at the joint Russian National Committee booth.

Experts of RTSoft and Subcommittee D2 RNC CIGRE actively participated in the intensive program of the 47th session of CIGRE and contributed to the activities of Study Committee (SC) D2. During the session there was made the formal transfer of authority from the former SC D2 Chair Philippe Quenaudon to a new Chair, elected by Administrative Council CIGRE on May 14, Chair of Subcommittee D2 RNC CIGRE, CEO of RTSoft Olga Sinenko.

Members of SC D2, led by Chair of SC D2 O. Sinenko

On August 28 at the SC D2 regular meeting, regular and observer members of National Committees, representing their countries within SC D2, summarized the annual results of their activities. The key item on the meeting agenda was estimation of preferential subjects for the next, 48th CIGRE session which is to be held in 2020. During the joint discussion, preferential subjects were finalized and sent to the CIGRE Technical Committee for consideration and inclusion in the strategic development plan. In addition, during this meeting, Technical Director in Power Engineering of the RTSoft Company - Alexey Nebera, was included in the list of SC D2 regular members as a representative of Russian Federation.

Each day during the whole session in the halls of The Palais des congrès working and joint working groups held their meetings. On August 28, the kick-off meeting of the newly approved JWG D2/C6.47 «Advanced Consumer-Side Energy-Resource Management Systems», initiated and led by Alexey Nebera, was carried out.

On the next day, August 29, Authors presented their Papers during the Poster Sessions of SC D2. This year 23 Papers were submitted within SC D2 on the following Preferential Subjects:

  • PS1: Opportunities and challenges in ICT applied to microgrid and DER;

  • PS2: Potential applications and implementation of network and infrastructure virtualisation;

  • PS3: Maintaining reliable and secure operation in an evolving environment.


Experts of RTSoft and Subcommittee D2 RNC CIGRE presented two Papers at SC D2 Poster session:

  • "Development of information-analytical system for automatic fault analysis and relay protection performance evaluation";

  • "Data Analytics Platform for Power Equipment Intelligent Lifecycle Management".

SC D2 Group Discussion Meeting (GDM) was held on August 30. Intended Speakers prepared their contributions answering the questions raised in Special Reports by Special Reporters. Moreover, delegates could participate in GDM through a specially developed online platform.

"International cooperation, the study of innovative technologies and impact on their creation and implementation - all these opportunities CIGRE provides its participants with", - believes Olga Sinenko, Ph.D., Chair of SC D2 CIGRE, Chair of Subcommittee D2 RNC  CIGRE, CEO of RTSoft.

Mrs. Sinenko also identified the critical vector for SC D2 development: "Since SC D2 was formed as the latest one, up to a certain time its influence wasn’t as impressive as the influence of other committees whom initially had been given such major topics as SCADA, EMS, Distributed Control Systems and Relay Protection and Automation Systems. Today, when data technology becomes the supporting structure of any activity, SC D2 can become the most important link for all 16 SCs of CIGRE. The scope of its activity permeates other committees’ activities and focuses on the development of data technologies to create conditions for the transition to digitalization of power sector. Our key task is to build collaborative relations with other committees of CIGRE".

One more thing, worth of mentioning, is a new CIGRE branding strategy that was  presented during the Paris session. Currently CIGRE is transforming from the International Council for Large Electric  Systems to the Global Community for Power System Expertise.

For more information, please visit the website of the Subcommittee D2 RNC CIGRE