PowerFactory software is certified for compliance with GOST requirements for short-circuit current calculation

DigSILENT PowerFactory software (RTSoft - exclusive distributor in the Russian Federation) has successfully passed the certification of short-circuit current calculation module, confirming its compliance with the requirements of national standard GOST R.

The results of short-circuit current calculations in AC electrical installations of voltages above 1 kV, obtained using the DigSILENT PowerFactory software, showed compliance with the requirements of GOST R 52735-2007. This is an official confirmation of the quality and reliability of the software product for the Russian market.

The certificate establishes and confirms that the accuracy of calculations, selection and verification of electrical equipment according to short circuit conditions, selection of settings and evaluation of relay protection and automation functioning, assessment of the influence of zero sequence currents of power lines on communication lines, selection of grounding devices executed by PowerFactory meet the requirements of technical regulations and the National standard of the Russian Federation GOST R 52735-2007.

RTSoft company is the exclusive representative of DigSILENT (Germany) - the leading global manufacturer of software for electric power systems, in the Russian Federation. As the part of partnership agreement, RTSoft implements PowerFactory to meet the whole range of planning and control tasks for electric networks and systems with voltage of 0.4–1150 kV.

PowerFactory as a unique tool for modeling, analysis and planning of relay protection and automation services provides increased reliability of electric  power system operation, increased observability, quality of planning and control of electric power system modes, as well as increased efficiency of the calculation department personnel and improved quality of fault analysis results and protection settings selection.


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