Happy birthday, RTSoft - the company has turned 26 years old!

On July 14 Russian engineering and manufacturing company RTSoft, one of the leaders in the industrial automation market, celebrates its 26th anniversary!

Professional team, extensive project experience and competencies, science and technology-based approach, in-depth knowledge of specifics of various industries, innovative developments and enormous potential for further advance allow the company to be at the cutting edge of the most current trends.

Today, this is a focus on the development of future technologies, such as IIoT, Industry 4.0, cybersecurity, energy management. This is a work in the direction of CIGRE, which opens up opportunities for scientific and technical activities in the field of the best world trends and advanced technologies in power energy industry. This is the leadership in the direction of EnergyNet of Russian national technology initiative. This is an active development of intelligent distributed energy and Microgrid. These are breakthrough developments in the direction of embedded computer technologies, promotion of their own domestic products and solutions.

On this red-letter day we thank all employees for their contribution to the success and reputation of RTSoft group of companies!
We thank our friends, partners and customers of the company for their support and trust! We hope that our cooperation will always be positive, mutually beneficial and successful!

Congratulations to the whole RTSoft team on our common holiday and we wish you further productive development!