CEO of RTSoft JSC Olga Sinenko was appointed the Head of CIGRE D2 StudyCommittee (SC)

On May 14, 2018 in Paris, Administrative Council of CIGRE unanimously approved the appointment of the Head of CIGRE RNC D2 subcommittee, the regular member of SC D2 CIGRE from Russian Federation, CEO of RTSoft JSC Olga V. Sinenko, Ph.D., as a new chairman of SC D2 CIGRE «Information Systems and Telecommunication».

The CIGRE structure includes 16 permanently operating Study committees, the subject-matter of which covers the whole range of problems related to the functioning and development of power systems and electric power markets. Their work is structured in such a way as to maximally promote research, exchange of experience and sci-tech information between scientists and power industry specialists worldwide. In countries, comprised to the CIGRE membership, special National Committees are organized.

Russian National Committee (RNC) CIGRE occupies one of the leading positions in CIGRE both in number and in the high level of conducted research. Olga Sinenko has headed CIGRE RNC D2 subcommittee since its creation in July 2014. The activities of CIGRE RNC D2 subcommittee have social character; it is aimed at promoting the progress and the innovative development of science and technology in the field of information systems and telecommunication in power energy sector.

The appointment of Olga Sinenko as the Head of international SC D2 CIGRE opens up new horizons for research works in this area and will contribute to the active participation of Russian specialists and experts in the organization and promotion of domestic technologies in the largest international non-profit organization in the field of power energy industry.

It is important to note that Olga Sinenko became the first woman in the history of our country to handle this position, as well as the first representative of Russian Federation who headed CIGRE Research Committee after 1991. Earlier for the almost century-long history of this organization, only two representatives of Russia (USSR) achieved such results.

Olga Sinenko also received a congratulatory letter from the Chairman of RNC CIGRE and the Board of PJSC FGC UES Andrew Murov. He noted that this appointment is the result of many years of contribution to the activities of CIGRE, work with young professionals and active participation in events. “The leadership of CIGRE, of course, appreciated the high level of organization of D2 Colloquium - 2017 in Moscow, which brought together the best experts in the field of information technologies for power energy industry from around the world,” the letter says. 

“The appointment of Ms. Sinenko is an important event in the history of CIGRE,” said Chairman of the CIGRE Regional Working Group for South-Eastern Europe, Kresimir Bakic, at the Administrative Council. “This Study committee has a crucial role to play for the future of CIGRE.”

The formal cession of rights and assumption of the position of the Head of SC D2 will take place at the 47th session of CIGRE in Paris, from 26 to 31 August, 2018.