RTSoft – partner of Cluster Energietechnik

logo_partn.jpgRTSoft has partnered with the Bavarian Energy Technology Cluster (Cluster Energietechnik), managed by Bayern Innovativ GmbH. This organization aims to advance innovation in the pioneering sector of energy technology and create additional value in the region of Bavaria.

The Cluster supports sustainable energy development and lists five main areas of action, including renewable energies (solar energy, wind power), energy efficiency, consumption (industrial and building technology), energy storage systems and transmission and distribution networks in power supply.

Cluster Energietechnik facilitates various events that bring together market players (businesses, utilities, other regional clusters and networks, scientific and research institutions) and create a platform for development of partnerships and cooperation. Currently about 900 companies have benefited from the Cluster portfolio and activities.

RTSoft, as an innovative company committed to delivering quality at the highest value, offers Cluster members a range of innovative software products. Our partnership network also helps us develop complex vertical solutions and customizable platforms tailored to individual customers’ needs. For example, AMIGO, advanced microgrid optimization system created by RTSoft experts, possesses unique functionality fitting microgrids of various scales – from small households to isolated islands and towns.

Learn more about Cluster Energietechnik here: http://www.bayern-innovativ.de/7fd73265-36f6-2a76-2f95-367c7a19ce42?Edition=en.

Learn more about AMIGO here: http://amigo-energy.com/.

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