RNC CIGRE Conference: key takeaways of the 46th session of CIGRE

RNC CIGRE Conference: key takeaways of the 46th session of CIGRE

On March 21st, 2017 RNC CIGRE (Russian National Committee of CIGRE) has held a conference dedicated to discussing key takeaways of the 46th session of CIGRE, which took place in Paris in August 2016. Mrs. Olga Sinenko, General Director of RTSoft, AO and Chairman of Subcommittee D2 “Information systems and telecommunication” of RNC CIGRE, made a report.

The RNC CIGRE conference focused on technological infrastructure development for the electricity market within the framework of digital economy, government backup of power equipment production and export of Russian products.

A.E. Murov, Chairman of FSG UES and Chairman of RNC CIGRE, made the opening speech. S.I. Shmatko, Special Representative of the President working in international cooperation in the field of electric power was present, as well as representatives of SO UPS, the Russian Export Center and national electricity companies, engineering and design companies, developers and equipment manufacturers.

Olga Sinenko presented her report focusing on worldwide tendencies in technology development in the field of electric power. The report included an overview of key technology development areas for information systems and telecommunication, innovative research, solutions and projects as well as new activities of study committee D2 that are of interest for Russian experts.


The report specifically focused on one of the key events  of Study Committee D2 of CIGRE – the International Colloquium, which will for the first time take place in Moscow, Russia, on September 18-22, 2017. The main goal of the Colloquium is to facilitate international exchange between electricity companies, equipment manufacturers, R&D organizations and legislators.

Within the framework of this conference subcommittees D2 and A3 of RNC CIGRE have concluded a partnership agreement. Chairman of Subcommittee D2 Olga Sinenko and  Chairman of Subcommittee A3, General Director of R&D of FSG UES I.A. Kosolapov were the ones to sign the contract.


The contract outlines future collaboration, information exchange and mutually beneficial promotion during key events of the subcommittees in 2017: the International Colloquium of SC D2 CIGRE and the Internation Conference “Digital Substation. IEC61850 Standard” organized by Subcommittee A3 together with Subcommittee B3.

The Subcommittees have also received official partner status with all the accompanying rights (logo publication, disclosure of partner status in promotional materials). The contract also allows for experts and reporters of both subcommittees to participate in the events free of charge.


The full report of Olga Sinenko is available on the official SC D2 of RNC CIGRE website.