RTSoft microgrid project to receive government funding

RTSoft microgrid project to receive government funding

A recent RTSoft project geared towards creating a microgrid has been chosen to receive government funding from the Russian Scientific Businesses Assistance Fund. The project was deemed perspective and of immediate interest to the transforming energy market. It was also among the winners of the Russian Scientific Development contest, a competition aimed to help bring the national technological development initiative to life.

The goal of this contest is to select projects that operate within the domain of scientific, experimental and engineering research that fits within the framework of the national technological development initiative – a set of guidelines approved by the modernization and innovation presidential council. 605 projects competed for prizes in 5 fields: AeroNet, AutoNet, NeuroNet, EnergyNet, MariNet.

The contest is oriented towards helping smaller businesses to create and enter new innovative markets. During the selection process priority was given to businesses with a positive reputation and experience in implementing complex experimental projects. The projects had to be in line with the national initiative and operate in perspective domains, forming the international economy in the following 15-20 years.

RTSoft presented its own innovative project named “R&D of information management systems for remote off-grids” in the field EnergyNet, which was short-listed by the expert judges to receive government backup, among 20 other projects.

The scalable system that is being developed by RTSoft within the framework of this project is aimed towards implementation of smart distributed generation for local and municipal consumers, industrial and commercial needs.

The innovative aspect is reflected in a complex approach to operating modern technologies (renewables, cogeneration and trigeneration, energy storage, power electronics), their derivatives (smart house, virtual power plants) and multi-level digital optimization (IoT, Big Data, Cloud, BIM, RTI). Implementation of this solution will allow to benefit from a significant rise in economic effect and better energy optimization as well as achieve optimal balance between energy costs and reliability.

The fact that this project was selected to receive government back up demonstrates its viability and high relevance. It opens doors to larger markets and opportunities for commercialization and further development.