Arrangement of effective power supply for industrial enterprises

«Энергия Единой Сети»

Спецвыпуск, сентябрь 2017

Traditionally, industrial companies spend huge amounts of money feeding their technological processes with electrical energy, as well as for lighting, heating, water supply and other operational needs. Therefore, reducing electrical power bills is becoming one of the most crucial factors influencing the economic viability of the business.

Data-measuring and control system AMIGO, developed by RTSoft, provides coordinated control of the power system components of an industrial object. The optimization is achieved by ensuring both a controlled reduction in fuel consumption and in electricity bought from a grid. AMIGO provides a capability of compound and concurrent control of energy storage systems, various loads (ventilation, air conditioning, gas and smoke removal) and local generation (including renewable energy sources), targeted to reducing utility grid electrical energy procurements. For instance, peak-price consumption can be shaved by means of local generation dispatch or energy storage discharge, if economically effective. Contrary, when the utility grid prices are low, the systems tends to maximize external power infeed. The preceding approach is driven by comprehensive forecasting algorithms, encompassing electricity market prices forecast, weather forecast, affecting RES’s generation, and consumption forecast over various time horizons. Besides electricity bills, the abovementioned control ensures non-violation of equipment and conductors load limits.

Industries with uninterruptable technological processes frequently face power quality related problems, such as voltage dips, occurring due to high-power motors starts, short-circuits and other contingencies, harmonic distortion, appearing, for instance, when welding processes are running, and etc. Mutually deployed reactive power compensation devices and AMIGO control can reduce number of shutdowns, equipment damage and, consequently, related costs. In addition, AMIGO facilitates price-responsive (ex. Demand Response) consumption, which is being actively developed by the System Operator, and may add a value to the overall profit.

AMIGO is characterized by modular architecture and high scalability, which allows a customer to easily follow his particular needs.  The software used is entirely developed in Russia. RTSoft has a full sourcecode, which means ease adaption for individual customer needs.

Besides the AMIGO system, RTSoft offers object’s power system simulations, depicting current-state system efficiency and prospects for its enhancement. Furthermore, the overall lifetime-long economic effect (profit) can be calculated.