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Company overview

RTSoft company was founded in 1992. Since its foundation RTSoft has scaled-up from a small company supplying software for real-time systems to a company, which provides a wide range of hardware and software products both of foreign and its own development. The Central Office and RTSoft Engineering House are located in Moscow. Today the company consists of a number of regional branches, engineering centers, R&D center with its own manufacturing base and a training center. More than 500 employees work with RTSoft and its regional branches now.

Regional Branches

Ural-RTSoft (Ekaterinburg city)

The branch of Ural-RTSoft was founded in 1998 on the basis of faculty of Ural division of the Russian Academy of Sciences and the Ural State Technical University. Today Ural-RTSoft supports all the lines of business activities of the head company.

Don-RTSoft (Novocherkassk city)

The branch of Don-RTSoft was founded in 1998. This branch represents RTSoft competence center in the Southern region of the Russian Federation. Don-RTSoft employs the highly professional specialists with vast experience of designing and implementation of the automated control systems for power industry.

East-RTSoft (Khabarovsk city)

The branch of East-RTSoft was founded in 2005. Establishing RTSoft office at the Far-East region of Russia met the growing demand on company solutions and services in that region and indicated the logical scaling-up of the RTSoft regional policy.

Siberia-RTSoft (Krasnoyarsk city)

The branch of Siberia-RTSoft was founded in 2005. One of the main goals of establishing the branch was improving the quality of services, providing technical support and enhancing the cooperation with customers in Siberia region of Russia.

Microinvest (Sofia, Bulgaria)

Microinvest company was founded in 1984 and it is the first-comer in the software developing market in Bulgaria. Now Microinvest has taken the leading position in the field of accounting and stock counting software in Bulgaria. Microinvest employs highly-skilled experts who are keeping pace with the times and aspiring to constant professional improvement.

Own manufacturing site and engineering centers

RTSoft R&D Center (Chernogolovka town, Moscow region)

RTSoft R&D center was founded in 2001 as a subsidiary and evolved into an experimental design and manufacturing base for serial production of electronic equipment and software and hardware complexes. Today RTSoft R&D center manufactures its own product line and also develops customized products under the specifications of customers.

Technical and Engineering Center "The Telemetry Systems" (Novocherkassk city)

The technical and engineering center "The Telemetry Systems" was founded in 2001 on the basis of the Don RTSoft branch. The main goal of this center is to replicate the telemetry devices and systems produced by RTSoft, as well as their adaptation and implementation at the energy facilities.

Technical and Engineering Center “RTSoft-Cheboksary” (Cheboksary city)

The technical and engineering center “RTSoft-Cheboksary” was founded in 2005. The branch employs highly professional specialists possessing vast experience in developing automated technological process control systems for electric-power stations on the basis of hardware and software tools by world-leading producers. The main lines of business activities in the center are design, engineering and implementation of the automated technological process control systems for electric-power stations.

Technical and Engineering Center “Protvino_RTSoft” (Protvino town, Moscow region)

The technical and engineering center “Protvino-RTSoft” was founded in 2003. The main goal of “Protvino-RTSoft” is designing and preparation for series production of specialized software and hardware complexes for power industry, as well as their support, promotion and development. The priority lies in producing dispatching tele-mechanical complexes, systems of visualizing data for collective utilization, specialized program tools for power industry.

Technical and Engineering Center “Neva-RTSoft “(Saint-Petersburg)

The technical and engineering center “Neva-RTSoft” was opened in 2004 with a purpose to develop and deliver custom-designed software for embedded systems and to develop solutions in the business line of “Automated supervisory control systems”.

Technical and Engineering Center for Data Management and Control Systems 
(Voronezh city) 

The technical and engineering center for data management and control systems was founded in 2005. The main lines of business activities are projects in the field of engineering automated systems for power industry and industrial enterprises, integration projects (automated control systems and information systems), engineering custom-made software systems, software delivery and deployment, project activities, consulting services. Center specialists are competent to deal with SCADA-systems, data-base management systems, development tools, PLC and appliances by different producers. 

Centre of Manufacturing Execution Systems and Innovations (MES-centre)

MES-centre unites leading RTSoft specialists working in the field of production processes automation, integration products and enterprise assets management systems for industrial enterprises and power industry. MES-centre professionals develop unique pilot projects on the base of innovative automation technologies. The fundamental principles of RTSoft MES-centre are individual line of approach to each project, analysis of specific problems for each enterprise and choice of the optimal solution to meet the customer’s demands to the fullest extent.

Software Development Center

Specialists of the software development center provide consulting on selection of basic hardware and software, recommendations for system architecture, analysis and examination of design specifications for customers in Russia and abroad. The software development center services include development of protocols, drivers, utilities, applications for embedded systems.

RTSoft Training Center»

RTSoft Training Center (www.rtsoft-training.ru) was established in 1997 and offers couching of advanced computer technologies. The main topics of the courses and specialized workshops are: PLC programming systems, industrial networks, system integration, SCADA systems and real-time databases, enterprise assets management systems, operating systems for embedded and industrial applications, information collection and transmission systems for power enterprises.