Integrated dispatching system


RTSoft R&D Center

RTSoft Research and development center is the company’s experimental design and manufacturing base. It provides RTSoft with the competitive advantage of producing the most sophisticated engineering solutions for the partners in the shortest possible time and of high-end quality.

Since its foundation in 2001, RTSoft R&D center has been implementing the following:

  • design and experimental assignments with developing operational and service documentation and developing test and functional software;
  • developing preproduction prototype items including assembly operations, mounting, adjusting and checking procedures;
  • small-batch and mass production of the electronic equipment and software and hardware complexes for information and measuring systems, automatic equipment and industrial electronics.

RTSoft R&D center manufactures its own product line and also develops customized products under the specifications of customers. All the metering appliances are subject to the primary metrological checking procedure at the release. Released appliances are also exposed to the final checking at the chamber of climatic test.

RTSoft R&D center has established tight relations with the world leading electronic components producers and suppliers. Due to the efficient and well-managed logistic system delivery of the ordered equipment is always performed promptly and in a quality manner to all the regions of Russia.