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RTSoft is 25!

On the14th of July RTSoft celebrates its 25th anniversary. That was a long and complicated journey full of victories and disappointments which contributed to the extensive background the company now possesses in the field of  industrial automation, software and baseline hardware development in Russia and overseas.

This anniversary year RTSoft more than ever tends to stick to its basic values, which are the key to a successful entrepreneurship. For example, the company pays much attention to promoting innovative methods in the sphere of high technologies. Besides, the distinguishing features of the RTSoft team are professionalism and ability to combine the best traditional approaches inherited from the predecessors with modern strategies of engineering. Finally, RTSoft guarantees respect and protection of the customer`s interests as well as the fulfilment of the commitments and suggests a  long-term effective partnership.

Using the wide experience in offering solutions for different spheres such as electric power, oil and gas, nuclear power, metallurgy and transportation industries, RTSoft preserves leading positions  and develops intensively, setting up new ambitious goals. RTSoft activities are implemented on the basis of the developed network of its regional branches, agencies as well as technical and engineering centers in different regions of Russia, thus, RTSoft operates within the internal market in Russia and has an access to the international market as well.

In 25 years RTSoft managed to successfully accomplish more than 9000 Projects. Thanks to  the efforts of  the uniquely competent RTSoft team our clients are provided with the full range of services at once. The company ensures professional consulting, specializes in software developing and launching, provides delivery and integration of the wide range of baseline hardware and also suggests qualified technical support and training for the users. That is an obvious advantage, RTSoft may be proud of!

RTSoft constantly enlargers the sphere of operating: the company supports the governmental import substitution programme, participates in the project Energy net, takes part in the worlds leading exhibitions for engineering and technology and in international conferences such as CIGRE. RTSoft also launches innovative forward-looking technologies in the sphere of cybersecurity and energy efficiency to the internal and world market. That means that the company has a great potential and excellent future prospects.

Congratulations, RTSoft!

We would like to thank all the partners,customers and friends for the cooperation and support! We greatly appreciate it!

Thanks to each member of the RTSoft team for the personal contribution to the success of the company and its good record!